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About Our Company

AGI has been in business since 2006 and was incorporated as Ardent Global Real Estate Investment LLC in 2017. Its officers are Francisco Perez, Associate Owner; Nettia Isley, Chief Operating Officer (COO); Charles Hall, Executive Director of Planning and Development; and Jesse J Linares, Director of Operations. Administrative services are provided by Donahue Dewar, Evan Foreman, and Anthony Lewis.

AGI operates in a paradoxical manner by focusing and analyzing the housing needs of low-and-moderate-income communities. We then take the situational analysis and provide a comprehensive proven investment strategy to address those needs.

AGI's philosophical premise is to learn from the mistakes of the past and to build our business off of the backs of respect, honor, trust, integrity, and candor. We believe these are the attributes that are needed to succeed and to become the cornerstone of the homeowners’ legacy, the old fashion way into the future.

Business Goals and Objectives

AGI's aim is to provide decent, affordable housing and improve the livability of the neighborhoods across the United States and abroad by revitalizing deteriorating homes. We also restore and preserve natural and physical features of special value for historic, architectural, or aesthetic reasons, and conserve energy resources by using green products.

Simultaneously, it is AGI's intention to expand economic opportunity by creating jobs and make training accessible to low-and-very low income persons residing in our target communities.

Mission Statement

AGI is leading a crusade, one that deals with finances, economic and community stability through home ownership and real estate investing.


Ardent Global Real Estate Investment LLC chose to form itself as an LLC, a limited liability company, that specializes in community development. The formation of AGI makes it a legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners and investors. It creates a barrier of protection around the owner's and the investor's assets. In addition to its unique structure, an LLC provides ideal solutions for lower and flow-through tax benefits, therefore eliminating double taxation.

This allows profits from a corporation to go directly to its shareholders, who then include profits on their own income tax returns.

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