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Our Services

Ardent Global Real Estate Investment LLC provides affordable housing for median to low income individuals. Through our Stepping Stone Program, we offer loan programs, jobs, and training to people with low income so they can afford to achieve a piece of the American dream: homeownership.

Core Values

Respect: Through AGI's action, we hold ourselves and our customers in high enough regard to speak candidly and do what we say we will do in the time frame we commit to.

Integrity: AGI is culturated to possess an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing first. We constantly adhere to high professional and ethical standards as we keep our commitment to our customers, coworkers, and community.

Honor: “Is not what is said but what is done.” AGI believes in service to others above ourselves. By being open and approachable to all people regardless of race, religion, or financial status, we are able to commit ourselves to empowering and serving others.

Strategic Objective for Managing Our Business

AGI wants to be inclusive and efficient in our stewardship of board of directors, advisory boards, staff, associates expertise, and capital resources provided by our investors. It is paramount that we continuously strive for excellence through taking something ordinary and doing it extraordinary well.

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